Jae Kyoung Pak, Dr. nat. sci., MBA

Jae Kyoung Pak is the CEO of Junika GmbH, aside from the overall running of the company, she specializes in the fields of business consulting and finance management and in Asian business culture.

Jae Kyoung Pak grew up in South Korea and has a doctorate in organic chemistry from the Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul. She has worked for many years as a lecturer at various universities, at home and abroad and has headed numerous research projects and research groups in East Asia and Europe.

In 2006 Jae Kyoung Pak undertook a Master degree in Business Administration at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. Since then she has worked as a successful management consultant for small and medium sized companies as well as working within complex research projects. She supports her clients in strategy and organization development and in financial and personnel management. She is also a specialist consultant on Asian business culture and practices.

Judith Naef, lic. iur., Rechtsanwältin, BWL ZS

Judith Naef is a partner in Junika GmbH. In Addition to her study of law, she has studied economics (BWL ZS). She has trained in project management, hospital management and service management, specializing in the areas of ethics, adult education, communication and marketing.

Judith Naef was a Public Prosecutor in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. She has worked as a legal advisor to the health and environment department of the city of Zurich and was subsequently head of the legal department at the University Hospital, Zurich.

As an independent lawyer with her own practice, she currently advises businesses of all sizes, specifically in the areas of organizational and contractual law, health law, employment law, data protection law and procurement law. For further information, visit