Open seminars and workshops

Are you an employer interested in keeping up to date on employment law?
Would you like to learn more about the legal issues of data protection in Switzerland?
Are you a healthcare professional looking to broaden your knowledge of patients’ rights?


Our experts talk at open seminars* on a wide variety of topics…

The experts at Junika GmbH appear regularly as speakers at public education seminars to present their extensive knowledge in complex areas of legal, ethical and business issues. Our experts specialize in health law, patient law, employment law, data security and privacy law and public procurement law and on East Asian business culture. The events are structured depending on the subject and are open to the general public however in some cases seminars and workshops may be aimed at more focused groups or professionals.


For more details on upcoming seminars see the Seminars schedule or to discuss private or in-house seminars please contact us.


*Seminars are mostly conducted in Swiss German or German, unless otherwise stated.