Intercultural business advice

Do you plan to conquer the South Korean market, but don’t know how to?
Would you like to avoid misunderstandings when you visit your Japanese clients?
Would you like to be as prepared as possible on your business trip to China?


Open the doors of East Asia to your business…

The customs of Asian business culture can often seem strange and unfamiliar to those unaccustomed to dealing with Asian clients or business partners. Our Experts have many years of experience with Asian business culture and can offer an expert insight into Korean, Japanese and Chinese business customs and practice. In order to best prepare you for business in East Asia, our intercultural seminars can be tailored to your specific needs and we will familiarize you with the most important etiquettes of Korean, Japanese and Chinese business culture.

As a management consultancy that focuses on East Asia, we offer advice to help you to expand and to strengthen your business activities in South Korea, Japan and China.


For more details on upcoming seminars see the seminars schedule, or to discuss private or in-house seminars please contact us.